I’m Afraid of How My Partner Will React to My Unplanned Pregnancy

woman with unplanned pregnancy

When we experience challenging moments in life, it’s crucial to have people in our lives that we can trust. An unplanned pregnancy is no different–and if you have a loving partner, you likely value their opinion. Sharing this news can be difficult, but you may receive more support than expected.

If you’re worried about your partner’s reaction due to possible violence or abuse, know you deserve to be safe. No one deserves mistreatment, and you must prioritize your well-being.

Why Are You Afraid?

Evaluating why you’re worried about your partner’s reaction is key.

If you are concerned because you value their response and want their support, consider how you’ll tell them. Choose a place where you’ll both feel comfortable and a time when they won’t be distracted.

You are under no obligation to share the news if your partner is abusive. Your well-being is the priority, and you should seek help. Abuse often escalates during pregnancy, and you could experience issues like miscarriage.

Contact the National Domestic Violence Hotline for 24/7 support and safety resources.

Deciding Next Steps

If your partner struggles with the news, we’re here to help. Our Next Step Advocates are available to walk your partner through how he may be feeling. If you feel comfortable, they can attend appointments and help you understand pregnancy options. An unplanned pregnancy can be shocking, and it can feel like a heavy weight. Provide time for them to process feelings and seek support together.

Soundview Pregnancy Services offers medical-grade pregnancy testing, ultrasounds, and options education. These services confirm key pregnancy details and ensure you have the information you need to decide. We even offer coaching for men–your partner is also valued here.

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