*Disclaimer: Please note that all information shared in this page correlates with the date it has been posted. Although, we work diligently to assure all information shared is up to date, we suggest visiting www.FDA.gov or scheduling an appointment with a medical professional to review regulation changes and current restrictions. Thank you.* If you’re facing an unplanned and unexpected pregnancy, you may feel overwhelmed by all the decisions you have to make. We offer education on all of your options so you can make a fully-informed decision about which path you want to take. The best decision is an informed decision!

Abortion education:

If you’re considering abortion, we can help you understand all of your options, because there are many. How far along you are will determine whether you have a medical abortion or surgical abortion. Medication abortions involve taking 2 medications causing termination of and expelling the pregnancy.  This process is potentially reversible. Abortion procedures vary and are determined by how far along you are in the pregnancy. We offer more in depth education and answers to your questions during medical consultations. We do not provide or refer for abortions. All medical services are provided by affiliated on-site medical professionals. 

adoption education:

We are not an adoption agency and we don’t facilitate adoptions.  We can educate you on the process of adoption, how it works and how you may be able to control the entire process even down to choosing the people you would like to raise your child.  We can also make referrals to adoption agencies in our area if you request them.

parenting education:

If you’re considering parenting, we can talk through what that would look like for you and help you create a plan if that’s what you choose to do. Click here for a full listing of our programs and classes including Client Advocate & Nurse led education  

Nurse led education:

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Pregnancy Basics:

Wait, I’m pregnant? There are so many changes to think about, where do I start?  The answer is, you start here! In this class we discuss the many exciting changes of pregnancy, choosing a provider, what to expect in prenatal care and so much more!

Newborn Care :

This class focuses on understanding the behavior of your newborn in order to appropriately respond to his or her cues.  This knowledge will give you skills in caring for your baby and give you confidence in knowing your newborn. The class is based on world-renowned Nurse Practitioner Jan Tedder’s Hug Your Baby award-winning, evidence-based curriculum.

Childbirth Education :

One of the most common fears in pregnancy is labor and birth. In this online class, not only will you be inspired, you will leave looking forward to that magic moment when labor starts and your birth story begins. During this class, you will have one-on-one support from a certified Birth Doula and you will learn and discussing the process of labor and delivery.  Come with your questions, an open mind and your labor support person.  You can do this!

Newborn Care: Practical skills- Coming Soon

How to change a diaper? How to give a bath? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!  Learn biological information and basic principles about newborns that will help you care for your baby.  Demonstration and hands-on practice with our newborn medical mannikin dolls will help you practice the skills most common in newborn care.

Breastfeeding Basics- Coming Soon

Miraculous Milk! This class is designed to help you gain confidence and learn tools you’ll need to succeed in breastfeeding your baby. Your body has the amazing ability to nourish and nurture your baby and every women’s experience is different.  You will leave this class knowing more about breastfeeding and feeling good about your individual decision and journey to breastfeed.

Infant CPR-Coming Soon!

American Heart Association’s Infant CPR class is taught by a Registered Nurse who is a certified American Heart Association Instructor.  This class includes all the AHA content and information on Infant CPR and choking as well as skills practice on infant manikins.  This class does not have a written exam and because itis offered at no cost and does not offer the AHA completion card.

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Education is only a part of how we serve our New to 2 Clients. Click Here to review all of the perks on being apart of our Parenting Program. 


We know how difficult each of these decisions can be to make. That’s why we exist – to help you process and think through every decision available so you can make the best choice for you. Call us today to schedule an appointment.