How Much Do Abortions Cost?

This girl is considering how much abortions cost.

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If you’re experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, you’re likely feeling a wide range of emotions. It’s completely normal to experience feelings of worry and fear. In fact, even women who have planned their pregnancies report feeling anxious. 

Some of the main concerns women express in the midst of unplanned pregnancies relate to finances. Often, women will make decisions for their pregnancy solely based on a lack of financial resources.

Because abortion is often sold as the most financially beneficial option for women experiencing unplanned pregnancies, we’re often asked if they are free. The answer is no — abortions are not free at Planned Parenthood or any other clinics. Each procedure costs between $400 to over $15,000 or more depending on what stage of pregnancy the woman is in.

Cost of Abortions

Here’s a breakdown of the cost for each procedure according to data from the Guttmacher Institute and abortion providers around the country: 

1. Medical Abortion 

Commonly referred to as the abortion pill, Mifiprex, RU-486, or EMA (Early Medication Abortion).

Cost: The average cost is $535, but can range from $75 to $1,633 or more. 

Stage of Pregnancy: Five to ten weeks into pregnancy.

2. Aspiration Abortion

Commonly referred to as a suction abortion, or MVA (Manual Vacuum Aspiration).

Cost: The average cost is $508, but can range from $435 to $955. 

Stage of Pregnancy: Five to 12 weeks into the pregnancy, but sometimes earlier or later.

3. D&E Abortion

Commonly referred to as a dilation and evacuation procedure.

Cost: $500 to $3,000 or more.

Stage of Pregnancy: Typically used from nine to 20 weeks into the pregnancy, or sometimes earlier or later.

4. Late Abortion

Commonly referred to as Late-term abortion

Cost: $8,000 to $15,000 or more.

Stage of Pregnancy: After 16 to 24 weeks. 

Worried About Finances? You Have Options

Here at Soundview Pregnancy Services, we believe women should make decisions for their bodies based on knowledge and confidence, not fear and worry. If you’re considering abortion out of the fear that you won’t be able to provide for your child, we are here to help you! We offer free and confidential healthcare services like pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, educational classes including finances that will equip you to navigate this journey with confidence.

It’s no lie parenting can be expensive and the reality is that it truly does “take a village.” That’s why we are passionate about walking with women through the entirety of their pregnancies and the years following so they will never feel alone! Our center provides resources like diapers, clothing, and referrals for other affordable resources so you can focus on what matters the most to you.

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