3 Reasons to Visit a Pregnancy Center Before Getting an Abortion

woman wants to know the 3 reasons to visit a pregnancy center before getting an abortion.Determining next steps for you and your unplanned pregnancy can be difficult. Thankfully, you’re not alone as you make this challenging choice for your future. 

Whether you’re looking for more information on your abortion options or are in need of other pregnancy services to ensure your health and safety, Soundview Pregnancy Services is here to help! 

Here are 3 reasons to visit a pregnancy center before getting an abortion: 

1. We offer free lab-quality pregnancy testing to confirm your pregnancy

Have you taken a pregnancy test at home? We recommend scheduling an appointment to receive free lab-quality, medical-grade pregnancy testing at your local pregnancy center as well. These tests measure the HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) levels in urine to reveal if you are pregnant. 

If your test comes back positive, we’ll answer any questions you have and help you schedule an ultrasound. (You may be wondering, “I’m getting an abortion — Why do I need an ultrasound?” Keep reading!)

2. You’ll receive a free ultrasound to ensure you’re not at risk for complications

Regardless of the pregnancy option you’re considering, we recommend getting an ultrasound. This will help you understand your eligibility for various abortion procedures and identify any potentially harmful medical conditions that could impact your safety.

Knowing the gestational age will determine whether you are eligible for a medical or surgical abortion and help you understand the costs you might face. Additionally, your ultrasound will confirm you are pregnant with a viable pregnancy located in the womb. If your pregnancy is developing outside of the womb, this is considered an ectopic pregnancy and you’ll want to seek treatment right away. 

3. You’ll have access to a listening ear and coaching on all of your pregnancy options 

Once you’ve gathered information about your unique pregnancy, your local pregnancy center staff will provide you with a safe space to process your feelings, ask questions about abortion procedures, and receive coaching about your pregnancy options.

As you decide what’s best for you and your pregnancy, it’s important to explore your feelings — fears, worries, anxiety — and take time to understand the pros and cons of each pregnancy option.

Most importantly, the staff at Soundview Pregnancy Services is here to remind you you’re not alone in this process.

Bonus Reason: We provide helpful resources and referrals to those in need

Unplanned pregnancies can leave women and couples feeling alone, confused, and anxious. Soundview Pregnancy Services believes you should be able to make a pregnancy choice based on a full picture of the resources available to you.

From financial assistance to medical help, there are endless resources and community referrals available to you through your local pregnancy center. 

Visit your local pregnancy center today! 

Are you experiencing an unplanned pregnancy and interested in accessing free, high-quality pre-abortion screenings and options coaching? It might be time to schedule your no-cost appointment at Soundview Pregnancy Services!

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