How to Find the Abortion Pill Reversal

This woman is wondering how to find the abortion pill.

The abortion pill reversal is available throughout the United States. For women on Long Island, abortion reversal protocol is process at no cost through Soundview’s affiliated medical professionals in New York. Treatment is safe, support is available, and time is of the essence. Call 877-558-0333 as soon as possible to find nearest abortion reversal medical provider near you.

Can I Undo The Abortion Pill?

Many women change their minds about self-induced abortion after taking mifepristone (the first step of the abortion pill). If you have taken mifepristone but not misoprostol, you may have the option to reverse your abortion process and continue your pregnancy.

If this is your decision, do not take misoprostol (the second step of a medication abortion). You will also need to take the abortion reversal medication as soon as possible. Contact the Abortion Reversal Hotline right away to discuss your situation and connect with a medical provider at no cost. 

How Does Abortion and Abortion Reversal Work?

The Abortion Pill

Mifepristone (also called Mifeprex) works to end a pregnancy by blocking the uterus from absorbing a pregnancy hormone called progesterone. 

Some women have second thoughts and want to continue their pregnancy after taking the first abortion pill. In this case, women should not take the second abortion pill (misoprostol), as it is not needed if you want to try to reverse the abortion process. You will need the abortion reversal medication instead.

Abortion Reversal

In an abortion reversal process, women take progesterone to potentially counteract the effects of mifepristone. Progesterone is a hormone that occurs naturally in your body during a normal pregnancy. 

A licensed medical professional knowledgeable about the abortion reversal process will prescribe and monitor Progesterone as treatment.

Is The Abortion Pill Reversal Process Safe?

Treatment is carefully administered by a licensed medical provider and has been safely used to reverse abortions and support pregnancies for years.

Sometimes an abortion process cannot be reversed. However, studies show the abortion reversal treatment process is safe and not dangerous to your health. It has not been shown to cause problems for your pregnancy, either.  

Abortion Reversal in New York

If you have recently taken the abortion pill and wish you could undo it, call the Abortion Pill Reversal Hotline now. 

They’ll connect you with a Medical Provider.

They will work quickly to get you treatment and emotional support. 

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