How Do I Tell My Parents I’m Pregnant?

When you learn you’re pregnant, especially if it was unplanned, telling your parents can seem like one of the scariest things to do. You may be worried about their reaction. Will they be disappointed or even angry with you?

Sometimes the best thing to do is plan for possible reactions and break the news to them when you feel ready. Waiting may make the situation more stressful, so you’ll want to find a good time to share that you’re pregnant. 

Are you still feeling unsure about how to share this? Continue reading to learn about helpful tips that can make this experience more manageable. 

1. Consider a Good Location and Time

Try to choose a time that works best for you and your parents. Finding a time when they may not be worried about other things and can instead give you their full attention will be beneficial. The environment also matters. Would you feel more comfortable telling them in your home, or would you prefer to tell them in a public place such as a cafe or restaurant? 

2. Think About How They React

You likely know your parents well, so try to take some time to think about possible reactions. Do you think they would be angry? Worried? Confused? Of course, you can’t always predict every reaction, but try to prepare yourself for their response and remember that this may be an emotional issue for them. 

3. Take a Deep Breath and Give Them Your News

Now that you’ve taken the time to prepare for possible reactions and thought about where you’d like to talk to your parents, arrange a time to share the news. Remember that your parents may be emotional when you tell them, and a certain level of protectiveness may come into play. Try not to take their initial reactions personally; this is big news to share, and they may be concerned for you. 

Remember that your pregnancy decision is just that: yours. Your parents and other loved ones do not get to pressure you into making a decision. 

I Want More Information On My Pregnancy Options.

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