Parenting might not have been in your plan at this point in your life, but that does not mean you can’t be a successful and loving parent. 

you may be pregnant, now what?

Soundview understands that life is full of surprises and unexpected events.

Never underestimate the power of support.

Having a good support system in place when dealing with challenges can make the difference between having an ongoing draining struggle and having a beautiful, positive, successful outcome. 

Soundview is committed to being a part of your support system.  We know that with pregnancy there are changes physically, emotionally, spiritually, financially and with relationships and more. We are here to help you successfully navigate those changes. 

Although it may seem scary right now, motherhood can be a beautiful and unique journey and an incredibly rewarding experience.   Soundview’s comprehensive support system, rich with valuable services will guide you along the way.  All of our services are provided in a caring, friendly, confidential environment. 

Soundview Parenting Program:

Duration: When you begin your pregnancy journey* at Soundview until 2 years after baby’s birth

What you get:

  • Nurse Consultation: Speak to a registered nurse for help navigating the healthcare system, medical information, pregnancy questions and referrals. 



  • Social Work Consultation: Our Care Coordinator is a kind and caring professional who is available to assist you in connecting with valuable resources that can help you with issues like housing, unemployment, health insurance issues, transportation, material resources and more. She can answer your questions and provide emotional support as well.


  • Your own dedicated Pregnancy Coach. This is a trained, caring person that truly wants to be that person who walks alongside you during your pregnancy and beyond.  They are a listening ear, a cheerleader, a resource, a pregnancy companion so you never have to feel alone.  In addition to being a friend, your coach has access to educational videos on a multitude of topics related to what you are going through that can be texted to you or watched and discussed together in person.  Your coach is also a resource for referrals for help with other issues that may come up.  Your coach can be a go-to support person during this time of change.


  • First Priority for Class Registration: Our parenting program members receive first priority for our classes including:
      • Pregnancy Basics
      • Breastfeeding 101
      • Newborn Care: Understanding Your Newborn
      • Newborn Care: Practical Skills
      • Childbirth Education and more.

Classes are developed by a Registered Nurse with certifications in Health Education and Childbirth Education and can be conducted in person or live online.

  • Material Assistance: All members of our parenting program receive diapers and wipes at each coaching visit. We also assist in helping you obtain other needed items such as car seat, stroller, crib etc. For more information on material assistance, please visit our parenting programs page.


  • First Priority for Free Ultrasounds. Soundview periodically conducts ultrasound trainings that require model patients. Our parenting program members receive first priority for free sonograms, which includes pictures of your baby, a gift card and occasionally additional free gifts.


  • Lactation consulting for members who request help with breastfeeding.


Services for men are also available


To speak to a representative call 631-676-7990 for our Suffolk location or 516-430-7990 for our Nassau location.

For pregnancy test/ultrasound appointments click here