We are honored to serve our community with free and confidential services. We look forward to assisting you. Please review the following as you wait to be contacted by our men’s services time team.


Your Next Step

Using your preferred method of contact, you will be contacted shortly by our Director of Men’s Services, Dave Huizing to review your current needs. During this call, you may discuss things like your availability for coaching, the programs currently offered, and our policies. If applicable, you may also be asked questions about your story, experiences, and your faith. Dave will design a path that will be a fit for your needs. He will also provide you with the password to gain access to the online course that fits your need and connect you with a Next Step 4 Men mentor who will be with you as you take your next step on your journey! We look forward to connecting with you!

Please give our team between 3-5 business days to receive, review, and respond to your inquiry.

For more information, please email Dave Huizing at daveh@soundviewpregnancy.com