Client Advocate Led Programs:

These programs, like all of our services, are offered free of charge.

These programs are led by your client advocate. Your client advocate is a specially trained person who has a passion for helping women and families. You can choose to meet with the same advocate at each meeting to have the same person supporting you throughout your pregnancy journey or you can vary which advocate you see. It’s your choice. Since programs occur during individual appointments, you set the pace of your program and the frequency of your visits.

Remember, your client advocate is not just doing a program with you, she is there to lend a listening ear, be a friendly face, to give you her undivided attention while providing a safe, confidential space for you to discuss issues that are important to you. Your sessions with your client advocate are like a warm hug for your pregnancy.

Parenting Program

This two-year parenting program is fully customizable according to your preferences. Learn everything and anything from discipline to potty training. Program includes coaching support, education and material assistance in the form of diapers and wipes at each visit and other items as needed.

Understanding Pregnancy

A six-week program focusing on understanding fetal development, medical care, nutrition, exercise, discomforts during pregnancy, and emotions in pregnancy. Short videos and illustrated workbook by Injoy Health Education.

I’m Pregnant, Now What?

A six-week program to discuss and learn life skills that might currently be over-whelming – such as (1) time management; (2) money; (3) budgeting; (4) apartment issues; (5) food shopping and cooking; (6) personality and interaction skills.

Taking Back My Life

A six-week program designed to help you figure out how to navigate difficult relationships and conflicts, with a focus on how to create healthy boundaries in relationships.

Co-Parenting with an Ex

A four-week program that will help you explore current issues with your Ex. This program will give you the tools to set goals and make a plan for improving the relationship with father of the baby for the benefit of your child.

Principles of Money Management

Why do some people seem to have it easy when it comes to money while others always seem to be broke? Discover answers to this question and more in this six-week study that explains financial principles and wisdom on managing money. Based on award-winning author and talk show host Dave Ramsey’s Bible-based finance philosophy.

Developing Healthy Relationship Habits

A four-week exploration of what healthy relationships look like and what you can do to change your relationships for the better.

Sexual Integrity

The CDC tells us that the only way to prevent sexually transmitted disease is abstinence. Abstinence also has other physical, emotional, spiritual, mental and relationship benefits. Learn more about abstinence is this program.

Pregnancy Loss

The loss of a child during pregnancy is a traumatic event. No matter how long ago or how recently you lost your child, no matter how early or far along you were into your pregnancy, we are here for you. One on one coaching is available to help you talk through and process your loss. We recognize that all children are precious and special no matter how long they live.

Post Abortive Support- Individual

We offer private, confidential individual support with trained coaches who are also post-abortive women themselves. Your story is your own and you deserve to explore it and find answers and healing for the pain you feel.

Post Abortive Support- Group

We offer confidential support through our post-abortion healing groups. Groups are led by trained post-abortive coaches who have been through their own abortion experiences.

Seeking help is the hardest first step, but one that will set you on a path of healing for the rest of your life, not just for you but for broken relationships with others as well. There’s nothing to lose except the overwhelming emotions and patterns of brokenness that keep holding you back, and everything to gain.

Post-Abortive Support for Men

Women aren’t the only ones who can suffer from abortion. Men are fathers from conception and it is normal for men to experience a range of feelings about the termination of their child’s life. Confidential caring support is available for men from men who have experienced abortion and are trained in post abortive coaching.

Client advocates are trained lay people, their services do not replace the care of licensed mental health professionals.