Pregnancy can be a scary experience for everyone, even for people who were trying to get pregnant. An unexpected pregnancy can carry with it all kinds of questions for your future, but also for the nine months you’ll be pregnant.

As part of our Parenting Program we offer pregnancy coaching to help walk you through every step of your journey to birth if that’s the choice you’ve made.

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Pregnancy developments

There are new fetal developments during every week of your pregnancy. We’ll help you understand what’s happening with your baby so you can follow along on his or her journey as well. This is an exciting time and we’ll help you understand what’s going on so you can fully experience and enjoy all of the developments along the way.

body developments

Your body will change during pregnancy, and it should! We’ll help you understand these changes and know what to expect in the coming months. Our coaches have excellent educational resources and our classes are taught by registered nurses, so you can feel confident about learning all there is to know about pregnancy, childbirth and baby care.

emotional developments

As your pregnancy progresses, we provide a safe place to process any and all emotions you may experience along the way. It’s common to have questions and fear about pregnancy, childbirth and parenting but you don’t have to go it alone. We’re here to help and provide support throughout your whole journey so you feel confident going into childbirth and beyond into life with your new baby.

Educational developments

There is a lot to learn about having a baby. The good news is that knowledge is power!  And we can help you gain that knowledge. Click here for our classes and programs.

Parenting Developments

Pregnancy coaching is part of our Parenting Program.  Coaches help you learn information to equip you in the art and science of parenting. The program is customizable according to your preferences.  Parenting program includes coaching support, education and material assistance and more.

Other developments

If you’re in school or working full time, you may feel overwhelmed thinking about how you’ll be able to add a baby to the mix. We’ll help you put together a plan for your new life that involves a support system and resources for baby and you. And after baby arrives, we’ll still be here for you, cheering you on as you embark on this brave and rewarding journey!  We also provide help in the form of material assistance.